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The Home Living features on the overall home furnishings industry such as furniture, interior, and housing. For the development of the furniture
industry and the home furnishing industry, we focus on the distribution and report objectively on the modernizing and changing industry

  • First Published: March 13th 1973
  • Circulation: 20,000
  • Size: Tabloid (color and black & white)
  • Distribution: all over Japan and the world
  • Dates of Publication: 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month.
  • Annual subscription fee: Domestic JPY 35,000 (tax and postage included)
    International JPY 40,000 (tax and postage included)
  • For the breakdown of recipients, please click here

Color Advertising rates
Space Size (HxW) Rates (JPY)
BackCover 1P Color 378×241mm 450,000
Full page (1P) Color 378×241mm 400,000
Cover Color 134×237mm 280,000
1/2 P Color 186×237mm 240,000
1/3 P Color 123×237mm 135,000
1/4 P Color 186×118mm 120,000
1/6 P Color 123×118mm 100,000

Black & white Advertising rates
Space Size (HxW) Rates (JPY)
Full page Black & white 378×241mm 300,000
5 columns Black & white 185×237mm 200,000
4 columns Black & white 147×237mm 160,000
3 columns Black & white 109×237mm 120,000


  • The due date of the advertisement materials will be 15 days prior to the publication date.
  • The advertisement price does not include the fee for manufacturing advertisement data.
    (We also translate and inflow Japanese characters as long as manufacture DTP data. For prices, please contact us)

Recipients Breakdown by type of business

Furniture specialty store 36%
Furniture & Interior maker 15%
Lifestyle Shop 11%
Department store 5%
Wholesaler / Importer 7%
Coordinator / Planner 9%
Home center 4%
House maker 6%
Housing / Material trader 3%
Mail-order 2%
Other 2%


Web Banner
Banner Position Banner Size Period of Posting (in JPY)
Site top only W1,029 x H90 pixel 160,000 per month
Site top only W678 x H90 pixel 90,000 per month
Site top only W326 x H90 pixel 60,000 per month
All pages W250 x H90 pixel 70,000 per month

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